Initiating the Git

How to Initiating git through ssh
Git Cheat Sheet

step 1 : login into ssh

//login using shh
$ ssh

step 2 : create a folder using mkdir commend and change to that folder

// creating a folder
$ mkdir folder_name

//changing to that newly created folder
$ cd folder_name

step 3 : write below comment to initiate as a master branch

// initiating as a master branch
$ git init --bare 

step 4 : change window.pack to 0

//changing the windows pack
 $ git config pack.window 0 

step 5 : clone to local machine using

//cloning the newly created folder to local
$ git clone

step 5 : make changes create a read me file and commit

// adding the all files which are created 
 $ git add . 

// committing all the changes
 $ git commit -am "initial commit " 

step 6 : push server

// pushing the committed changes 
 $ git push origin master 

//before that make sure you take a pull from server git pull origin master 
$ git pull origin master

step 7 : To auto update in server go to
git_folder/hooks/post-update.sample and rename to post-update and the past this code (change the folder name to targeted folder)

cd ~/public_html/folder|| exit
unset GIT_DIR
git pull origin master
exec git-update-server-info